Don’t Just Manage Sales Problems. Solve Them.

When you face the challenge of meeting tough business goals with fewer resources than ever before, our incentive programs can help you motivate your sales team and improve sales performance.

Motivate Your Sales Team.

Sales Incentives
Channel Incentives

Give your sellers a purpose that drives results

Maritz Motivation crafts sales incentive programs designed to initiate fresh thinking, build solid strategy and identify the opportunities within your brand’s approach. We give your team a reason to sell more – and produce more results – for your business.

Sales Incentive Strategy
Work Smarter

Build Relationships That Boost Revenue

Partner with our experts, and you can feel confident that your channel incentive strategy and program design will drive the results you want for your business. Our programs reveal actionable insights so that you can reach the right people in your channel.

Channel Incentive Strategy
diverse employees analyzing data on a laptop

Create Rewarding Experiences

Our incentives provide the highest level of value, with industry-leading rewards that range from merchandise and gift cards to travel and awards. Excite people and support program success with a customized selection from Maritz Motivation.

Rewards Strategy
sales manager rewarding a female sales employee

Behavioral Science Only Works When You Apply It.

In order to make your programs most effective, you need to leverage behavioral science principles in motivating your audience to take the desired actions. So, how does your program stack up? Take our five-minute Applied Behavioral Self Assessment to find out.


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