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A people-centered focus

With a deep understanding of human motivation and interconnected relationships through the lens of behavioral science, we design programs that engage people in meaningful ways. 

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Drive behavior. Deliver results.

Our approach is grounded in behavioral science and guided by decision sciences. We leverage program-specific analytics to help us understand, diagnose, predict and experiment to turn data into purposeful insights. 

Get ahead in the retention game

Strategic Tenure advances the way we invest in employees to develop and keep the right ones for longer. Apply our forward-thinking framework to start building a more stable talent base and resignation-proof your company.

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Close the gap Between Channel and Consumer

Your incentives and loyalty strategies aren’t working as hard as possible. Disconnected consumer and channel programs may be delivering value, but the strategy around them has untapped potential.

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Solutions that connect the dots

We think about and design solutions holistically, so your programs work harder for you. Your entire organization and its strategies are considered to maximize its potential, so you get the most out of your investment. 

Looking for a better return on your investment?

We are committed to your success. Our clients enjoy greater sales, stronger customer loyalty and a more productive workforce through our proven programs and services.

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