Reach the right people in your channel.

Offer channel incentives that make an impact, and you can foster channel relationships that boost your revenue.

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The secret to better sales.

Channel incentives help your business drive productive sales behaviors, suppress outdated ones or reposition partners for a new opportunity. Whether you’re considering a fresh way to reach your channel partners or want to relaunch an existing initiative, we use behavioral and data science to get the most from your program – and its participants.

Build a relationship that builds sales.

While many motivation businesses focus on a system or program, our priority is connecting with people. We use data and behavioral science to truly understand your participants, their interests and their needs. Then we create a meaningful, memorable interaction that links their goals with your own. We help you build a channel relationship that gets results.

Apply our incentives to your industry.


Our incentives drive sales

Achieving better channel sales performance starts with a streamlined approach, which can be difficult in an industry that often struggles with inconsistency, lack of clear communication and time-consuming initiatives that distract dealer teams. Our programs create a clear message and compelling reason for channel partners to improve their sales efforts.

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Provide support for providers

High regulations and heavy competition make it hard for brands to break through in the healthcare market. That’s why our approach uses data science to understand patient needs as well as practice patterns. Instead of offering standard partner rebates, we shift standard provider behaviors to support our clients’ business.

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Build market share

Most manufacturers believe that they offer effective support and incentives to their channel partners, but few dealers and distributors share that belief. Through decades of experience and a deep understanding of channel incentives, we can help your business identify the initiatives that matter and make the most of market opportunities.

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How can we help your business?

Don’t just talk about supporting channel partners. Put our programs to work. We offer interactive services that help your business identify opportunities, build channel incentive strategies and take informed action.

  • Program Design

    Use our three-phase process to design an effective and profitable channel incentive experience.

  • Rules Modeling

    Identify the best rule structure to drive behavioral change for your channel partners.

  • Participant Study

    Gauge participant perceptions to guide your program design, rewards, rules and communications.

  • Program Audit

    See how your program stacks up against competitors, and elevate the experience your business delivers.

We’re All About Making New Connections.

Have a question about our services? Connect with us to learn more. We look forward to staying connected!

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