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Channel Incentive Programs Built for Long-Term Success

Drive growth and maximize partner potential with comprehensive channel incentive programs. Gain valuable insights with channel incentive management solutions build to help identify top partnership opportunities and optimize program outcomes.

We combine our channel strategy expertise with the latest channel incentive solutions to craft data-driven programs built on behavioral science to create partner incentive programs to achieve your goals.

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Elevate Engagement and Boost Performance with Tailored Channel Incentive Programs

Rebates and preferred pricing are just table stakes in today’s competitive landscape. Modern businesses need innovative solutions to drive channel engagement and loyalty. Let’s work together to craft a channel incentive program that delivers results and helps you reach your goals.

Go above and beyond the traditional with our comprehensive suite of incentives and expertise, including cutting-edge channel incentive software and robust rebate management capabilities. Unlock the potential of your channel ecosystem by:

  • Personalizing rewards to resonate with each partner’s unique needs and motivations.
  • Leveraging behavioral science to encourage desired actions and drive measurable outcomes.
  • Simplifying program administration with user-friendly tools and automated workflows.

A Platform personalized to your customer’s needs

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Out-of-the-box software gets you up and running in no time

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Innovative software allows our design experts to configure new programs, promotions or updates quicker than ever before

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A full array of content, learning and communication management systems we can scale to any functionality or audience size

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Expert strategy and solution design

Leverage the power of your partner network with an integrated approach that goes beyond traditional transactions. We create, manage, and deliver purposeful channel incentive programs for you that motivate and influence the behavior of your channel partners.

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We have Channel motivation down to a science

Combine the science of human behavior with the art of motivation and create experiences that make your business – and lives – better.

People are naturally curious, social, complex, and emotional. Let’s dive deeper into these characteristics and develop effective channel partner incentive strategies that benefit both your business and your partners’ bottom line.

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Let’s get creative

Communication can be transformative. Don’t just sway opinions, shape behaviors with channel incentive solutions that drive desired actions.

Our in-house creative agency team will design innovative channel partner communications by combining strategic expertise with behavioral science principles. Strong communications do more than offer rewards; they spark big ideas that truly motivate and engage your partners.

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Channel Incentive Rewards that Spark Action


Effective channel incentive programs do more than simply offer rewards in exchange for action. We believe in strategic design informed by behavioral science and data to create reward experiences that foster deeper engagement with your partners.

Our channel incentive solutions are built on three core principles:

  1. Expertly Crafted Rewards: Work with our team of expert strategists to determine which rewards resonate more with your partners, ensuring they directly incentivize the desired behaviors.
  2. Right Rewards, Right Behaviors: Ensure your program offers the most fitting incentives to drive the behaviors that impact your business goals the most.
  3. Emotionally Charged Results: Positive emotions motivate behavior. We’ll help you design a channel incentive solution with rewards that not only drive results but also position you as the hero in your partners’ eyes.

By focusing on strategically designed and emotionally charged reward experiences, you get deeper partner engagement and positive business outcomes.

Let’s talk about how we can help you meet your business goals. Connect with us to learn more. 

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