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Are You Maximizing Partner Engagement?

Unlock the full potential of your partner engagement strategy with our versatile solutions. Whether you’re focused on Loyalty Programs, Incentive Programs, or need Program Technology, we’ve got the right path to supercharge your partnerships.

  • Cultivate channel loyalty with our proven programs engineered to engage and retain your partners.

  • Motivate partners to spark success for your business through tailored program rewards and our industry-leading incentives portfolio.

  • Deliver a user experience that keeps your partners engaged with our powerful tech features and seamlessly integrated partner portals.

A Complete Solution

Our solution seamlessly infuses tailored program structures with expansive incentive options and powerful engagement drivers that inspire your partners to act.  

Harnessing cutting-edge analytics and guidance from our dedicated team of experts, we launch powerful tech platforms that transform your goals into impactful programs.

doctor veterinarian at vet clinic is examining cute cat while his owner is standing nearby and holding pet on hands.

How a PetCare Company Revived Engagement

The Challenge: A petcare company’s engagement metrics were on the decline, with vastly different partner segments receiving the same treatment.  

Our Solution: Through data analysis, we reinvigorated the program’s incentive framework by implementing tiered earning structures and customized reward offerings to effectively move the needle for each unique partner segment.

Your Ultimate Guide to Partner Engagement

Are you making the most of opportunities to engage your channel partners? Read our 12 best practices to deepen connections and initiate more compelling experiences with your brand’s strongest advocates.


  • How can I improve channel partner loyalty?

    Enhancing channel partner loyalty involves a mix of personalized incentives, effective communication, and consistent support. Building trust, tailoring rewards, and aligning goals can foster lasting partnerships.

  • What are the best ways to increase channel partner retention?

    Keeping partners around means you must engage them, establish strong relationships, and reinforce the value of being a loyal partner. Structure a compelling incentive program with personalized moments and engaging communications.

  • How do you motivate indirect channel partners?

    Motivating indirect channel partners involves understanding the drivers of human behavior. Remember that different partners may be motivated by different factors, so it's essential to consider this in your approach.

  • What makes channel partners loyal long term?

    To build loyalty and design a program partners want to be a part of, you must create a valuable experience with personalized moments and easily accessible tools. Long-term partner loyalty is the sum of collective efforts to drive and nurture participation.

  • How do you reduce channel partner churn?

    To reduce churn, adopt a strategic, proactive approach, starting with a robust onboarding experience. Create engaging touchpoints across the partner lifecycle, provide incentives, marketing support, and essential resources for their business growth.

  • What are the benefits of loyal channel partners?

    When brands focus on prioritizing and implementing a range of initiatives within the multi-dimensional loyalty model, there’s a greater likelihood of increased sales, improved market share, and stronger partnerships.


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