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Channel partner engagement solutions

Incentivize. Enable. Engage.

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The complete package

Drive long-term loyalty, increase mindshare, and stand apart from competitors with impactful B2B channel programs that motivate your partners.

Tailored programs with tangible outcomes

Your program’s structure is the bridge between your business goals and channel results. Inspire behaviors that fuel revenue growth with our scalable program designs.

  • Tailored rules strategized by our team of experts.
  • Competitive objectives to motivate partners.
  • Segmented partner groups to support their journeys.
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Offer points-based incentives

Give partners options to choose what motivates them. Incentivize partner behaviors with opportunities to earn and shop for their favorite brands, gift cards, and more within our extensive rewards marketplace.

Deliver unforgettable experiences

Elevate your channel partner rewards with unforgettable experiential incentives. From exclusive trips to sensational unboxing experiences, our offerings are designed to leave a lasting impression and inspire partner loyalty.

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Give flexible financial rewards

Motivate partners with the financial flexibility they value. Our range of monetary incentives and rewards includes cash, rebates, discounts, pre-paid and reloadable cards, virtual payments, and traditional methods, like checks or direct deposit.

Show your commitment to partner success

Empower your channel partners to grow, invest in, and enhance their business with MDR reimbursements, in-kind products and services, swag, promotional products, events, and engaging giveaways.

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Engage & enable your partners

Securing your partners’ focus is the first step to quality program performance. Explore our expert strategies to personalize engagement and enable your partners to power actionable business growth.

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Personalized messaging

Advance your most valuable connections with partner-centric messaging, branding opportunities, strategic promotions, and more.

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Learning & enablement tools

Equip partners with seamless access to training, incentivized learning modules, and robust program experiences.

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top of mind communications

Keep your program actionable and engaging for partners through strategic branding and creative communications.

Advanced tech for enhanced experiences

Your program’s technology can make or break partner engagement. Accelerate business growth and elevate key partner experiences with our suite of powerful features:

  • Seamless integration with existing solutions.
  • Goal-focused incentive mechanisms.
  • Engaging partner interface and features.
  • Empowering data and performance tracking tools.
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Analytics for data-driven results

Robust data provides you with a roadmap to engage and motivate partners. We turn metrics into actionable insights that optimize channel programs and improve partner experiences.

Utilize analytics and key business metrics to inspire program success and partner engagement. We work with you to measure the metrics that matter.

Monitor program performance in real-time, identify and assess high-performing strategies, and quickly adapt your approach to optimize results in an ever-evolving partner landscape.

Leverage the expertise of data scientists and analysts on our Decision Sciences team to unlock interventions that spur continuous program growth.

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Guidance & Support

Access the expertise of our full-service team to uncover powerful opportunities for greater efficiency, accelerated growth, and streamlined program management.

Strategic Advantages for Maximized Results

Get our team’s hands-on assistance with everything from operations to strategy to program management, all to ensure program success — and your piece of mind.

Experienced Teams to Support Development

Access dedicated program support actionable insights from our team of loyalty strategists, data scientists, and creative professionals.

Client Success at Every Stage

Draw from personalized suggestions and strategic roadmaps to guide you from pre-sale consultations to implementation and beyond.

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