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Points With A Purpose: Make An Impact With Your Rewards Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a large number of individuals rethinking their priorities. Some things that used to seem important are less so, and people are looking for more meaning and connection, seeking happy moments to get them through a heavy time.

Companies should focus providing happiness as an underlying goal for their employee recognition, sales incentive or customer loyalty programs. The reward element of your business can be viewed as a bright spot or something to look forward to. It feels great to achieve something, earn a reward, or be recognized for your hard work. In order to establish deeper and more meaningful connections between your organization and program participants, you can use rewards to create lasting memories. Happy moments have a deep effect on the brain and memory, and have remarkable impact on behavior change.

While research on happiness is extensive, behavioral science principles can help us understand our brains and internal drivers so that we can maximize joy. This science tells us that some things create a longer positive emotional timeline and can actually make us happier in the long run.

Watch the video to learn more about Happy Money principles and how you can use them to enhance your programs.

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