Be a company customers love.

It’s more than your products and services. It’s created in the experience you offer people and the positive emotions you spark. These are the things that build customer relationships. This is real consumer loyalty.

How can we help your business?

Don’t just talk about building loyalty. Put our programs to work. We offer interactive services that help your business identify opportunities, build solid loyalty strategies and take informed action.

  • Program Design

    Use our three-phase process to design an effective and profitable loyalty experience.

  • Program Audit

    Identify opportunities to realize more value from your current loyalty program.

  • Persuasive Design Lab

    Learn how to align your goals with the goals of your customers in this two-day interactive workshop.

  • Loyalty Optimizer

    Review data insights for your loyalty program to identify new opportunities for growth and greater engagement.

  • ROI Optimizer

    Use data science to measure ROI for an entire program or specific customer segment.

  • Look-alike Modeling

    Identify your most valuable customer behaviors and traits, then see how to focus your program experience to maximize results.

  • Behavioral Segmentation

    Determine the unique needs of your customer segments and gain insights into the best ways to connect with each one.

  • Branding Innovation Lab

    Participate in an interactive brainstorm experience to evolve your approach and generate innovative marketing concepts for short and long-term activation.

  • Digital Audit

    Conduct a thorough analysis of your engagement plan and creative campaigns to gauge your loyalty program’s effectiveness.

  • Churn Predictor

    Use AI to examine customer attrition, or churn, and identify which customers deserve your attention.

  • Creative Execution

    Develop marketing collateral that supports your loyalty program across all touchpoints and channels.

  • Points Concierge

    Actively manage your loyalty program using a proprietary algorithm that helps you provide a personalized customer experience while managing program costs.

Split personality of loyalty report cover

Loyalty isn’t locked down.

Interaction between customers and brands is changing at a surprising rate. In our most recent study, we found that 70% of all customer loyalty is continually up for grabs. To ensure that you become – and stay – a favorite brand, you have to take an active approach. Download a free copy of our report, The Split Personality of Loyalty, so we can help you work ahead of the curve to connect with consumers and create a unique, memorable loyalty experience.

Graph of Maritz Motivation's customer loyalty framework

What kind of loyalty are you building?

People are loyal for more than one reason, and some are more powerful than others. See how you can identify – and use – four different types of loyalty.

Customer redeeming points on his phone after shopping

Know your audience.

It’s no secret that millennials are the focus of most marketers’ attention – after all, companies want to reach the generation with the greatest buying power. But how can you develop an effective loyalty strategy when your target audience consists of more than 80 million people? Psst: you can’t.

Deliver a better loyalty experience.

Financial Services

Make recreation rewarding

Authentic guest experiences begin before check-in and last well beyond a dessert course. We work with hospitality clients to deliver a superior loyalty offering – one that ensures their guests won’t have any reservations about coming back.

Read The Case Study
Hotel clerk giving a women a key to her hotel room

Invest in your customers

In a market that has shifted from brick-and-mortar banks to online investment services, it can be difficult to truly connect with customers. We use behavioral and data science, along with extensive industry expertise, to build a powerful loyalty program. One that helps our financial clients capture – and keep – people’s interest.

Read The Case Study
Two business people

Build True Partnerships

Manufacturing businesses often struggle to understand their dealers and distributors. We use channel-focused strategies to build stronger connections with your partners. Our programs identify their needs and wants to create strategic partnerships that improves brand awareness and channel loyalty.

Manufacturers working together to assemble a product. Manufacturers working together to assemble a product.

Drive stronger relationships

If your dealership wants to capture vehicle purchases, the first step is often handling other vehicle services. Our loyalty programs consider the entire customer journey, building meaningful engagement – and revenue – every step of the way.

A man driving a car

Put us to the test.

With programs that span the globe to reach more than 400 Million participants, we don’t base loyalty strategies or programs on theory or assumption. Our loyalty programs are designed using proven behavioral and data science. We test them in the real world, helping a diverse group of clients build a stronger relationship with the people who matter to their business.

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