Checklist: Creating Conditions That Enhance Partner Engagement

There’s no workaround for building a thriving partner ecosystem.

You need a positive and empowering program environment to drive real results. It becomes the standard for your brand’s identity, and it does wonders for your partners’ performance. Of course, partnerships don’t reach full bloom overnight, but you can start right now. 

Use this checklist to reflect on your program experiences.

You’re likely already doing some of these things as part of your program strategy – but take it further. Think beyond a surface-level definition of “partner engagement” and look for the characteristics that define it.  

Activating superhero qualities in your partners isn’t rocket science. It’s about nurturing the conditions partners need to be and feel their best. Whether it’s cleaning up your portal resources and updating product briefs, or simply layering more supportive tones into your messaging. Your sellers will instantly notice positive strides. When you make it easier to work with you, you also make it easier to evolve with you as part of a loyal team.