We’re a behavior insights company.

In order to succeed, you have to understand what’s happening in the market, why it’s happening and what you can do about it. We draw from data and build on behavior science to answer those questions with actionable insights.

If you want to change human behavior, you have to understand the motivation behind it. That’s where our services come in.

See new ways to solve your problems.

Program Design

it all starts with science.

With 400 million program participants, Maritz Motivation has access to a lot of data. It gives us the details we need to find behavioral patterns and track trends – not just in your program, but in programs and populations around the world. With this universal approach, we do more than process what people have done before. Our team of data scientists can predict what people will do next.

Behavioral Science part of Capabilities cycle

we deliver actionable insights.

While data provides plenty of details, our behavior and data scientists convert analytics into actionable insights. We go from predicting what people will do next to understanding how our clients can reinforce – or redirect – that behavior. With key insights like these, we can move people in a way that matters to your business.

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Strategy begins with evaluation and optimization.

Our process usually begins with an in-depth evaluation of the challenges and opportunities your business faces. To ensure that you find the right path forward, we’ll assess the progress you’ve made and identify ways to improve your situation through optimization and strategic positioning.

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Our programs are designed to deliver value.

Whether you want to step up your sales, encourage employees to be at their best, or deliver an outstanding customer experience, we can help. We design loyalty, incentive and recognition programs that offer valuable rewards and include impactful creative concepts that strengthen your program’s influence. With the right program design, we can do more than solve problems. We can spark action.

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Our technology simply and consistently manages impactful experiences.

Deliver your program message and drive engagement through our streamlined, cloud-based platform. Our technology goes beyond typical dashboard and reporting functions. We use a groundbreaking platform to deliver tailored experiences that reflect your brand values and support your business goals.

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Our experts. Your partners.

We don’t just talk the talk. Maritz Motivation will walk alongside your business to launch and support program experiences. Our experienced, dedicated team offers a range of services based on your needs – everything from responsive support and proactive guidance to full-service program management.

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We put it all together.

Science and art. Experience and innovation. Data and action. We use it all, so we know how every piece of the process fits together to solve problems and deliver value. This insight sets us apart, making Maritz Motivation the best partner for any step in – and every step of – the journey to building your business.

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