A Modern Approach to Drive Growth

Watch the recording of our recent webinar, featuring Maritz Motivation’s Barry Kirk and Dawn Schillinger, where they explored how to modernize your sales motivation strategy.

Sales incentives haven’t changed in decades, but your sales strategy should.

As our workforce continues to diversify, bringing new ideas and opinions with each generation, we must rethink the way we understand, connect and interact with people. Data continues to drive our decisions and leaders must dive deep to make meaning. As we explore new opportunities for revenue, our salespeople must shift to adapt and excel.

Outdated incentive models don’t measure up to modern standards. They’re repetitive, reductive and too reliant on rules that end up restricting true performance improvement.

As our expectations, our workforce and our world evolve, so should our solutions.

Watch the recording of our webinar where Maritz Motivation’s Barry Kirk, Vice President of Strategic Services, and Dawn Schillinger, Sales Motivation Consultant, explore how businesses can adopt a modern approach to their incentive strategies.

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