Revamped Rewards Create Memorable Experiences

See how we helped a major hospitality company apply breakthrough behavioral science to revamp their existing loyalty program.

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The Challenge

A major hospitality company aimed to create more meaningful connections with their most loyal customers. Their existing loyalty program rewarded frequent travelers with points they could use to redeem for merchandise, gift cards and hotel stays. But this redemption process only generated short-term, transactional loyalty that other brands in the industry could steal if our client didn’t make deeper emotional connections with their customers.

In order to strengthen current relationships, build brand awareness and attract new customers, the hospitality company knew they’d have to differentiate their program from others in the market. But they didn’t just want to enhance their existing program – they wanted to completely transform their strategy. A memorable rewards experience that created meaningful interactions was possible, but they’d need a strategic partner to help them re-imagine their approach.

The Insight

Our experts took an experiential approach, combining proven behavioral science principles and cutting-edge technology to deliver exciting rewards opportunities. By designing and implementing a user-friendly loyalty platform that sparked both immediate and continuous engagement, we delivered an inspiring and interactive experience that participants could not only enjoy themselves, but they could also share with others.

In order to generate buzz, our experts reframed rewards redemption as an experience in itself. By introducing ticket packages for major sporting events, concerts, cooking classes, vacations and more, we gave program participants the opportunity to embark on once-in-a-lifetime adventures. And to amplify the excitement, a new platform gave loyal customers the option to bid for these experience packages. The limited nature of the auctions appealed to customers’ sense of urgency and motivated members to take action.

But we didn’t just build an exciting experience – we also created meaningful moments that delivered value to program participants’ lives. After understanding what mattered most to our client’s customers, our experts applied breakthrough behavioral science insights to inspire emotional connections with the brand. Because program members are often frequent travelers, we offered opportunities for them to use their points on an experience they could share with a loved one. We then selected each rewards experience with memory-making in mind, a proven scientific principle used to create peak moments that activate emotional intensity and drive deeper connections. These bucket list experiences also incorporated aspects of novelty to surprise and intrigue customers, breaking the pattern of traditional rewards to maintain curiosity and trigger continuous engagement.

By introducing exciting rewards options and an interactive way to redeem them, we designed and delivered an experiential program that set our client apart. These new elements not only generated marketing buzz and brand awareness – but they also left long-lasting impacts on our client’s customers.

Behavioral Science Principles Applied


Create Emotional Impact

The Memory-Making principle is creating peak moments that activate emotional intensity and drive deeper connections.

We applied this principle by offering experiential rewards that evoke positive emotions and create long-lasting impact on our client’s customers.

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Employ Surprise and Interest

The Novelty principle is using unexpected experiences to jolt people out of autopilot thinking through elements of surprise or posing questions to provoke thinking differently.

In this program, we used novelty by offering unique rewards experiences to our client’s customers. We broke the pattern of traditional rewards to intrigue their customers and create an experiential program that sets our client apart.

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The Results

Testimonials and survey results revealed the program’s staggering success. After implementing our rewards platform, program participants and external media deemed the hospitality company an innovative industry leader. And just as important, our client’s customers praised the program for delivering experiences that had a meaningful impact on their lives.

Our experiential approach backed by behavioral science created everlasting memories that program participants could appreciate long after transactional interactions. By revamping the rewards experience to deliver exciting opportunities that customers could share with others, we showed our client how to attract new customers, strengthen current relationships and foster impenetrable brand loyalty.

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