Inspired Employees Improve The Customer Experience by 17%

We helped one hospitality company use behavioral science to spark excitement and revamp a recognition program.

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The Challenge

A major hospitality company knew that if they wanted to stand out in a competitive market, they needed to offer incomparable customer service. But, before they could promote their exceptional service, they had to motivate their employees to actually deliver it.

Our client’s existing strategy awarded those who provided excellent hospitality, but because their recognition program offered unlimited opportunities to earn cash, employees felt entitled to rewards instead of inspired to make a real impact on the customer experience.

How could our client enhance their recognition program and drive employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience? As experts in behavioral science, we implemented a transformative solution.

The Insight

Our experts focused on the reason for rewards to connect employees to company values. By emphasizing the importance of service, we showed employees how their individual actions could make a big difference.

Because the hospitality industry relies on customer service, our client wanted to establish their brand as the best in the business. We restructured their program around the idea of a shared identity, and encouraged employees to embody company ideals. This inspired them to create memorable guest experiences and allowed them to earn internal recognition in the process.

Our enhanced strategy used the power of human connections to boost employee confidence and spread job satisfaction with each recognition. Showing employees how recognition could uplift others applied the principle of emotional intensity, allowing us to harness positive feelings to reinforce the value of rewards.

Behavioral Science Principles Applied

Shared Identity
Emotional Intensity

Create a Sense of Shared Purpose

The Shared Identity principle aligns employees to core values, building on common bonds to create easier and more effective behavior change.

We restructured their program with the focus of encouraging employees to live into company values. Showing the importance of creating memorable guest experiences inspired employees and allowed them to earn recognition from their peers in the process.

two female hospitality employees showing a guest their room.

Spark Action In Your Employees

The Emotional Intensity principle activates positive emotions in employees to influence decision-making.

In this program, we showed employees how recognition could uplift others and create positive emotions to reinforce the value of rewards and spark action.


female hotel front desk employee showing a young woman a pamphlet.
Inspired Employees Improves Customer Services Rankings

The Results

Our new program didn’t just excite employees – it also made a significant impact on customers. After launching, our client received the highest customer service scores in company history, and they kept improving over time.

Within a few months of launching, customer service rankings improved by 6.4%. After 7 years, customer service rankings improved by 17%.

Our behavioral science-based strategy helped our client to continually improve over time. By inspiring employees to encourage each other, we empowered them to deliver exceptional customer care and set our client apart.

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