Healthcare Company Drives New Hire Engagement

See how one global healthcare company increased new hire engagement using strategic emails backed by behavioral science insights.

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The Challenge

A global healthcare company knew the key to a successful and satisfied workforce was a positive corporate culture. Our client celebrated their employees’ accomplishments using a recognition program that connected people to each other – and to company values. But it often took new hires a while to understand the culture and how they fit into it.

The Insight

Our experts showed new employees how they could make a difference from day one. By combining actionable behavioral science insights with motivating messaging, we empowered new hires to engage with the recognition platform and contribute to company culture.

Our strategy linked recognition to workplace happiness by reinforcing our client’s core value of employee appreciation. We emphasized the importance of unity and showed new hires how to support their global community by recognizing their coworkers’ accomplishments. Focusing on the idea of a shared identity within the business inspired employees to do their part and spread satisfaction at work.

To capture employees’ attention, we crafted a series of emails with simplicity in mind. Clear and concise messaging allowed us to focus on one core concept to eliminate mental effort and make a meaningful impact.

Behavioral Science Principles Applied

Shared Identity

Create A Sense Of Shared Purpose

The Shared Identity principle aligns employees to core values, building on common bonds to create easier and more effective behavior change.

In this program, we showed new hires how to recognize their coworkers’ accomplishments to reinforce our client’s core value of employee appreciation, leading to greater satisfaction between employees in the workplace.

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What is the one thing?

The Simplicity principle is centered around creating meaning by anchoring all program elements to a unifying idea, concept, phrase or value.

We kept our strategic emails clear and concise, ensuring the messaging focused on one core concept at a time. The result made a lasting impact on employees and effectively captured their attention.

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New Hire Engagement Increased 22%

The Results

While our strategic emails set new hires up for long-term success at the healthcare company, engagement activity also revealed the immediate value of recognition programs and their influence on behavior.

Before sending the email, 42% of new hires visited the site.

After sending the email, website visits increased by 22% overall.

Of new hires who had not visited the site, website visits increased by 38%.

We showed employees how they could make an impact on company culture, even as a new hire. By aligning employees to core values early on, we helped our client build a more confident, productive and satisfied workforce.

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