Recognition Improved by 275% with Messaging

See how one healthcare company was able to improve their culture by leveraging insights to motivate employees to recognize each other.

two doctors comforting a female patient

The Challenge

A global healthcare company needed to boost morale after a period of significant organizational change. Because employees had expressed uncertainty, our client wanted to send a meaningful message that reinstated a sense of security and restored confidence. But they knew standard corporate communication wouldn’t make a big enough impact.

The Insight

Instead of focusing on corporate communications, our experts relied on employee connections. We created a strategy that restored employee confidence with every recognition they sent and received.

First, we used the behavioral science principle of perspective-taking to understand what mattered most to employees and to craft meaningful messages. Keeping simplicity in mind, we created emails that would inspire people to engage with the existing recognition program and recognize one another’s hard work.

Each targeted email highlighted company values, showing employees that they were working toward company goals together. This idea of a shared identity within the business inspired commitment and support despite the organizational changes and uncertainty.

Teaching people that recognition could help coworkers feel valued and connected tied in the principle of emotional intensity. It effectively encouraged employees to bond, empathize and cooperate with others, and it triggered a wave of widespread appreciation.

The success of our strategic communications revealed the true value of employee programs and proved their influence on behavior.

Behavioral Science Principles Applied

Shared Identity
Emotional Intensity

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Participant

The Perspective-Taking principle is about using personal empathy and data-driven insights to get a clear perspective on what participants need and want from the program experience.

In this program, we applied this principle by taking the time to understand what mattered most to employees to craft meaningful messages that would resonate with them.

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What is the one thing?

The Simplicity principle is centered around creating meaning by anchoring all program elements to a unifying idea, concept, phrase or value.

By focusing on messaging that is easy to process, we created emails to inspire people to recognize their colleagues’ hard work.

Healthcare Doctors Improving Recognition

Create A Sense Of Shared Purpose

The Shared Identity principle aligns employees to core values, building on common bonds to create easier and more effective behavior change.

In this program, we designed targeted emails to inspire commitment and support, despite facing organizational changes and uncertainty throughout the company. Each email highlighted company values, showing employees that they were working towards common goals together.

Empowering Employees Case Study

Spark Action In Your Employees

The Emotional Intensity principle activates positive emotions in employees to influence decision-making.

To prove that recognition could help coworkers feel valued and connected we effectively encouraged employees to bond and empathize with others, triggering a wave of widespread appreciation throughout the company.

Healthcare Industry Improving Recognition
Inspire Results through Healthcare Recognition Program

The Results

We didn’t just motivate employees to uplift each other – we also inspired them to rebuild company culture. Our communications sparked a cycle of peer-to-peer appreciation that encouraged employees to recognize one another and renew their commitment to company values.

One week after sending the email, recognition increased by 275%. This staggering increase in activity proved the power of meaningful messaging backed by behavioral science. By using our client’s recognition program to soothe uncertainty, we empowered employees to boost morale themselves. As a result, our client moved forward with a more stable, confident and productive workforce.

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