Get details from your dealers.

Manufacturing businesses often struggle to understand their dealers and distributors. We can help your brand gather the data you need and get more out of it.

Our platform solves your data problems.

We do more than connect your program participants with each other. We connect with millions of program participants around the globe, gathering valuable insights about the way they work, spend, travel and more.

As a Maritz Motivation client, you can use our platform to gather reliable information about your dealers and distributors. Plus, you can tap into our analytics and deep data resources to gain actionable insights about your end users. Put it all together, and you’ll benefit from an informed channel strategy that drives sales and supports your success.

Manufacturing experts solving data problems

Do more with your database.

You’ve already established valuable channel partnerships, and the information you have on dealer accounts, sales volume and order history is a strong start. Our consultants work with your business to see where to go next.

Working hand in hand with data scientists, we’ll perform a thorough business assessment – one that evaluates your current database and identifies the best ways to build upon it. Whether it’s through partner segmentation, targeted listening or enhanced activations, we can help you get the information your business needs.

Couple experiencing kayaking from Maritz Motivations reward strategy

Use rewards the right way.

Manufacturing businesses often use rebates, gift cards and travel incentives to reward channel partners, but they may not work the way you want them to. Gift cards and other monetary rewards don’t make a lasting impact, as participants simply treat them like standard income. While trips may keep top partners loyal, they often miss the mark when it comes to motivating mid-level performers and moving more product.

Our team understands the behavioral science behind rewards, so we can help you choose the right options to address your business challenges. We’ll work with you to create a reward and recognition strategy that helps your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Start with a strong brand.

With a defined brand and clear messaging at every touchpoint, you make it easier for partners to understand what your business is all about. When they can clearly identify your values and goals, they can feel good about representing your products.

Use Maritz Motivation’s in-house creative agency, and you can identify new opportunities to reach your partners and end users. You’ll be able to send impactful messages and spark behaviors that build real relationships.

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