Your dealers make the difference.

Use channel-focused strategies to turn program participants into true partners and build a stronger business. 


Make the connections.

The lines of communication between your business, your channel partners and your end users work best when the connection is a strong one. Our programs help you establish those connections, so you can identify their needs and wants, deliver effective experiences and create impactful messages that spark action. Working together, we’ll build strategic relationships that support sales, channel loyalty and brand awareness. 

Be in the know.

In order to serve people, you have to know what they want. Yet information from manufacturing channel partners about end users is hard to gather, and even harder to integrate into your operations. Through a global platform and millions of program participants worldwide, we offer unparalleled insight into your customer base. Tap into our resources, and get the details – and data science – you need to differentiate your business. 

Partners at Martiz

Be the brand your partners prefer.

When you base your business on rebates rather than relationships, your value proposition can always be undercut. Maritz Motivation works with you to build better rewards and benefits into your sales and distribution channels, so your brand becomes your partners’ first choice. We cut through the clutter, using behavioral and data science, AI and strategic program design to help you communicate with your partners on a more personal level. All so you can foster relationships that offer greater returns.  

See our science at work.

Finding skilled labor can be a challenge. That’s why we use behavioral science and proven strategies to help your business attract, engage and retain dedicated talent. We see the potential that lies beyond standard productivity measures, and develop recognition programs that tap into it to grow your business. 

Maritz partnership

Choose the right partner.

Understanding consumer loyalty helps us design a program that stands out in a commercial space. In fact, we’ve been applying groundbreaking behavioral and data science to build relationships – and revenue –  in the automotive, healthcare and manufacturing industries for decades. Use our expertise to engage your channel partners, increase transaction volume, drive cross-product adoption, encourage referrals and support customer retention. 

We’re All About Making New Connections.

Have a question about our services? Connect with us to learn more. We look forward to staying connected!

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