The Cure for Patient Loyalty Starts with Employees.

The healthcare industry is facing major challenges in a changing landscape where patients have more control of their healthcare dollars and where they choose to get treatment. In recent years, data has emerged that shows the link between an engaged healthcare workforce and better patient outcomes.

With decades of experience and a science-based approach, Maritz Motivation can help you navigate these challenges to build loyalty and trust with both patients and employees.

We're here to help you succeed.

With a team of experts with decades of experience, we’ve been helping the healthcare industry diagnose their biggest challenges to develop a treatment plan for improvement and identify resources to get the job done.

  • Employee Engagement

    By building a culture of recognition, appreciation, career development and camaraderie, hospitals can ensure their workforce is happy, which leads to better patient outcomes.

  • Patient Loyalty

    The industry is moving towards a value-based care model and our team is ready to help you design a loyalty strategy to build positive relationships with your patients.

  • Employee Retention

    At a time when hospitals are facing a workforce shortage, our team can help you create strategies to retain the best employees through effective recognition and reward strategies.

Make An Impact With Our Consulting and Technology Services.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenges you’re facing. Maritz Motivation can partner with you to focus on the changes that will make the biggest impact.

  • Program Assessment

    Our team of experts can review your existing channel incentives programs, make recommendations for improvement and work with you to implement those changes.

  • Loyalty Consulting

    With our team of loyalty experts, we can help you identify more top customers, design a unique program and host an interactive workshop to help you put this into practice.

Strategies for Thriving in a Value-Based Healthcare Model

Over the past several years, a number of factors have combined in the healthcare industry to shift towards a patient-centric focus:

  • Systematic reforms
  • High-deductible health plans
  • Increasingly capable outpatient services

There’s never been a greater need for a thriving culture of employee engagement in healthcare than right now.

Download our white paper to discover strategies to adapt to this new world of value-based healthcare.


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