Engaged employees offer better service.

Your employees can make – or break – the customer experience. We use data and behavioral science to enhance your customer service through engaged, aligned and invested employees.

Connect the dots.

Every interaction between employees and customers is a key touchpoint in the customer experience. When one in five U.S. consumers say they have switched banks due to a negative customer service experience, it’s clear that financial service brands have to be buttoned up.

Our professional services and proven science help you see your brand from every angle. Internally, we can help you evaluate your company culture, establish value-based messaging and activate a powerful rewards and recognition program. Then we’ll collaborate with your team to map your customer experience and develop loyalty initiatives that work. Together, we can create a plan that supports a positive experience on both sides of the service counter.

Want to keep your best people? Reward them.

At nearly 11%, the financial services industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates in the nation. In a tight labor market, it’s more important than ever to recognize, reward and retain your best talent. That’s where Maritz Motivation comes in.

We provide an integrated rewards experience that offers exciting brands and experiences while considering a wide range of budgets. Your staff will be able to shop a rewards catalog, and you’ll be able to attract and retain the people who make a difference for your financial services business.

Source: LinkedIn

Our platform puts it all together.

Gather valuable employee and consumer data. Communicate key information about your business values and goals. Recognize staff members who deliver exceptional customer service. Support teamwork. Offer rewards. Create a sense of community. You can do all of these things with our data-based, integrated technology.

We designed our platform to empower and engage your people. Its management tools are simple and streamlined, so it’s easy to plan, build and execute effective employee programs. Plus, the interface is dynamic and intuitive to encourage participant engagement and interaction. Put it all together, and you can run programs that empower your staff and excite your customers.

Be a brand employees believe in.

When customers don’t know what your brand offers, you have to advertise, educate and engage them to get the sale. You use targeted, strategic messaging. You launch special offers. You personalize your marketing to pique their interest. Now, what do you do if your employees are the ones you’re trying to excite?

Gallup reports that 70% of employees are not engaged with their work, but your bank can be different. Our team of brand experts, scientists and strategists help you send a message your staff can get behind. We’ll work with you to identify employee touchpoints, develop timely communications and support program initiatives. All so you can spark action, increase engagement and improve employee performance.

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