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Our sales incentive programs emphasize the purpose that drives sales professionals. We give your team a reason to sell more – and achieve more – for your business.

Use our strategies to support your sales goals.

Designed to motivate sellers and drive activity, sales incentive programs are standard in business. However, the standard approach isn’t always the most effective. Our sales incentive programs are developed in partnership with the Maritz Field Research Collaborative and based in behavioral and data science. So our approach is anything but standard. It’s strategic.

As a Maritz Motivation client, you can tap a wealth of incentive insights emerging from the fields of social psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience.

  • Access the research and thinking of world-class academic researchers
  • Learn how to best nudge human behavior to support your business
  • Enjoy “first mover’ advantage for implementing our scientific findings
  • Receive Maritz Field Research Collaborative findings as a no-fee, value-added service
Sales rep gaining incentive insight

We Move The Middle.

Focusing your motivational efforts on your best salespeople doesn’t always deliver the best results. In fact, top performers are probably already living up to their full potential. Your business has more room to improve if your sales incentive program engages and inspires the people in the middle of your performance curve.

A 5% sales increase from the middle 60% of your team yields over 70% more revenue than the same increase from the top 10%.

Instead of using direct competition to highlight achievement, our sales incentive programs encourage personal improvement. Learn how you can shift your performance curve by engaging sales reps at every performance level and supporting higher returns.

stats on moving the middle of your performance curve
Customer partnering with sales incentive expert

Partner with the experts.

Our business was founded in 1894 with the goal of recognizing and rewarding sales achievements, but we offer more than a history of success. We’re focused on what’s next. With a network of scientists, academics, business leaders and experts in human behavior, we can help your sellers evolve, innovate and deliver exceptional sales performance.

Our sales incentive programs solve problems.

Turn to us when you need to bring in new business, adopt successful sales strategies or attract and retain sales talent.

  • Attract new customers

    Our sales incentive programs ensure that your sales team has an in-depth understanding of your brand, its services and its values. When they believe in your product, it’s easier for them to convince new customers of its value.

  • Recruit and retain top sellers

    Sales professionals want to be challenged. They want to feel connected to their work. They want to have a purpose, not just a profession. Our sales incentive programs connect these dots to deliver the engagement, inspiration and rewards they want.

  • Integrate new sales practices

    Sales training is only effective if your team adopts it. Our sales incentive programs include activations that support your initiatives. We help you recognize and reward desired behaviors, and discourage outdated practices, so your sales partners align with your sales goals.

The best motivation isn’t money.

What moves people? We’re using behavioral science insights and real-world practices to discover the answer. Considering cultural factors and behavioral science principles, we’ve found that the most valuable rewards aren’t cash. They’re the ones that create a lasting impression. Here’s why:

  • Evaluability

    When people evaluate the worth of an item, it triggers an emotional reaction. Non-cash rewards are more emotionally charged, so people believe they hold a higher value.

  • Frequency of Thought

    People tend to think about tangible rewards more frequently than cash rewards. These items serve as a better reminder for recipients to reach their performance goals.

  • Justifiability

    People think they prefer cash rewards, especially because purchasing luxury items makes them feel guilty. But non-cash rewards allow participants to justify a more personal and meaningful item.

  • Memorability

    Non-cash rewards provide increased enjoyment after the fact. They also serve as a reminder of receiving the reward, which contributes to lasting employer affinity and loyalty.

  • Separability

    Cash rewards are often placed in the same mental account as a salary, so they become more of an expectation and less of a motivational reward. Non-cash rewards are easier to implement into new or existing programs and are accounted for separately.

  • Reciprocity

    People often feel a need to pay back the value of a non-cash reward, whereas cash rewards do not create any desire to respond in-kind. Reciprocal reactions are powerful because they can spark an increase in workers’ productivity.

We know how to motivate your sellers.


Our Incentives Drive Sales

Achieving better sales performance starts with a streamlined approach, which can be difficult in an industry that often struggles with inconsistency, lack of clear communication and time-consuming initiatives that take the focus away from what really matters. Our programs create effective incentives that increase employee engagement and drive vehicle sales.

Read Case Study
auto repair man working under a car

Assembling a Successful Strategy

One-size-fits-all strategies don’t account for unique ordering patterns and product demands. That’s why we use data science to develop a personalized approach for channel incentive programs. We can help your brand identify valuable audience segments and build a message that leads to stronger partnerships.

See Our Results
Manufacturing workers being incentivized

Prescribing Sales Solutions

In an industry marked by high competition and heavy regulations, it can be difficult to effectively incentivize sales. Our programs adhere to government restrictions while utilizing analytics to ensure an increased ROI for healthcare clients.

Gain insights
Healthcare nurse caring for her patient

How can we help your business?

Don’t just talk about supporting your salespeople. Put our programs to work. We offer interactive services that help your business identify opportunities, build solid incentive strategies and take informed action.

  • Program Design

    Use our three-phase process to design an effective and profitable sales incentive experience.

  • Rules Modeling

    Identify the best rule structure to drive behavioral change for your sales team.

  • Participant Study

    Gauge participant perceptions to guide your program design, rewards, rules and communications.

  • Program Audit

    See how your program stacks up against competitors, and elevate the experience your business delivers.

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