We have motivation down to a science.

Combine the science of human behavior with the art of motivation, and create experiences that make business – and lives – better.  

It’s human nature.

People are naturally curious, social, complex and emotional. Our scientists tap into these characteristics and more to develop effective motivational strategies for your business. By driving behavior, we deliver results.

Maritz Field Research Collaborative published a case study that shows how referrals play into consumer loyalty. 

Get the behavioral basics.

Sparking behavior starts with collecting underlying motives – the “why” behind what people do. If you can discover why people behave or perform a certain way, you can apply scientific strategies to align behaviors with your business goals.  

We partner with the brightest scholars of behavioral science to design custom research and develop valuable insights for our clients to enhance our programs and impact participants. Here are just a handful of the behavioral science principles we put into action:  

  • Shared Identity

    When people see positive values at work through others’ actions, they have the same emotional reaction as if it were their own experience.

  • Progress Feedback

    No matter what people do, they need to know that they’re moving toward meaningful goals. Offer feedback that builds awareness of your business' values and ideals, and you’ll create a connection that changes behavior.

  • Autonomy

    People want to feel in control of their own destiny. Allowing them to align the way they work, shop or play with their own strengths and passions offers that sense of control. In turn, you make people more satisfied with their jobs, purchases and rewards.

  • Social Rewards

    We are all driven by the need to connect with others – to be seen. If you use recognition and rewards to help people build a good reputation amongst their peers, you can motivate them to support your business’ success.

Behavioral scientist crafting impactful programs

We’re all scientists.

Behavioral science is so important to our business, we turn every Maritz employee into an expert. Our extensive library of applied science gives us the tools, techniques and thought-starting theories needed to craft impactful programs and experiences for you.

We’ve created snapshots to show the four behavioral basics in action. 

We have the solution.

People are the power behind your business, but they can also be the source of its biggest challenges. Our approach focuses on the potential instead of the problem. We use behavioral science to spark action, creating a solution that delivers value and drives your success.  

Customers engaging with Maritz's field research group

Work with the best.

We’re constantly working with our academic partners to test and refine the principles that lead to meaningful behavioral change. As a client, you can tap into relevant, peer-reviewed studies based on real-world business environments. Our partners become your resources, and we work together to create real results for your business. 

We’re All About Making New Connections.

Have a question about our services? Connect with us to learn more. We look forward to staying connected!

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