We’re Believers.

When people believe in something, they work harder for it. Whether they’re sales people, employees, partners or customers, we inspire people to be at their best for your business.

We’re problem solvers.

Employee Experience
Customer Loyalty
Sales Performance
Data Science
Behavioral Science

We connect people to purpose.

Increase satisfaction and success among your staff. We shape unique employee experiences that use your brand goals and values to empower the individual, support organizational culture and deliver business results. Use our expertise, science and insights to help your team reach their full potential.

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Create meaningful relationships with your best customers.

People are most loyal when they’re emotionally engaged. We understand how to build that connection, and how to not only keep people interested, but to also deepen their relationship with your brand over time. Partner with Maritz Motivation, and engage your customers on a personal level.

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Give sellers the drive to take your business further.

We take a closer look at seller behavior to identify the best way to increase their productivity and impact your bottom line. Our ability to leverage data allows us to strategically develop incentive services and motivate your team to move your business forward.

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We use rewards to deliver results.

The things that matter to people are the same things that motivate people. Partner with Maritz Motivation, and create a personalized experience that reinforces behavior in a meaningful, lasting way. Our offerings are comprehensive, worry-free and designed to make the most of your resources.

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Data can predict your future.

Often, data is used to tell you what happened. With our unique access to a broad set of industry data and top-notch data scientists, we’re able to analyze your data to understand your problems. We also use artificial intelligence to predict what will happen next and identify the best course of action.

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We use motivation to inspire desired behavior.

There’s science behind why people do what they do – and we use it to influence behavior that leads to important client outcomes. Discover how we bridge the gap between academic theory and applied practice to create value-driven solutions for your business.

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For people. By people.

While we use sciences and experience to build effective programs, Maritz Motivation is truly powered by our people. We put our minds together to create solutions that get to the heart of your customers, sellers, employees and partners.

Behavioral Science Only Works When You Apply It.

In order to make your programs most effective, you need to leverage behavioral science principles in motivating your audience to take the desired actions. So, how does your program stack up? Take our five-minute Applied Behavioral Self Assessment to find out.


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