Tap into the Potential of Your Sales People.

Our goal is to help your staff and your technologies shine. By providing you with the right tools and virtual automotive internet sales coaching, we’ll enable your new hires and experienced staff to improve their lead handling, act on opportunities and actionable insights, and improve your internet sales close rate. Save valuable time, drive customer engagement and cut through the CRM clutter.

Ensure Your Staff’s Success.

Web Academy
Internet Sales Coach
Internet Sales Workshop
Lead Response System

On-Demand Learning and Resources

If your dealerships were all hearing the same messaging every week, prioritizing the same KPIs, and were given practical exercises to help them drive real change – how much could you be driving change across your dealer body?

Our Web Academy houses training sessions, resources and tools to help increase performance, efficiency and results. You’ll receive a monthly assessment to measure progress and create strategies for improvement.

Ongoing Coaching

Invest in an employee who closes at 6% and watch them transform into an employee who closes at 12%. That’s investing in human potential to double your profit. Our Internet Sales Coach offers virtual training on CRM processes and best practices to help increase efficiency and drive performance.

Comprehensive Interactive Session

With this intensive, interactive training session, you’ll launch your staff to digital sales mastery. Our workshop maximizes flexibility, cost efficiency and focuses on core principles of operations and daily activities.

Templated Email Responses

We know that your impression on customers within the critical first 72-hour window is key to making a sale. Put your best foot forward with professionally designed templates that save your staff time and actually drive engagement.

Give Your Team The Resources They Need.

The future is here. With Web Academy, dealership staff can access their store-specific learning tracks and tools at their convenience on-demand. All content is strategically designed by automotive experts who have worked in dealerships and CRMs for dozens of years.

OEMs and dealer groups can utilize Web Academy to address and solve specific problems at a group level, or it can be offered to individual dealers as a low-cost resource to facilitate store growth.

  • Scalable

    Web Academy is scalable for groups of any size and tailored to address specific areas of opportunity to increase effectiveness. You'll set KPIs that are meaningful to your goals.

  • Intuitive and Robust Portal

    You'll have virtual 24/7 access to our user-friendly, comprehensive library of on-demand materials. In order to see who is using the resources, you'll receive utilization and accountability reporting.

  • Training Tracks and Webinars

    Your team will have access to on-demand virtual learning sessions or live webinars focused on Business Development Center activities, lead handling and close rate improvement.

  • Knowledge Base

    Get access to talk tracks, phone scripts and workflows, CRM handbooks, and training resources focusing on new hires.

  • Digital Assets

    On-demand access to themed graphics, social media assets and website banners and graphics.

  • Enhanced Internet Mystery Shopper

    Monthly mystery shops help you see through your customer's eyes with an analysis of your team's responses through email, phone, text and web chat.

Uncover Your CRM's True Potential.

Cut through the clutter in your CRM to see how your business in really performing with our Internet Sales Coach program. Our custom reporting, combined with regular mystery shops and coaching from an experienced CRM advisor, will provide you with actionable insight into the status of your sales department.

  • Strategy and Calibration

    We'll collaborate to focus on the specific needs, issues and opportunities at your store.

  • Dedicated Performance Manager

    With years of experience in automotive, your coach is equipped to take on your dealership's unique needs.

  • Momentum Performance Analytics Portal

    One portal to access your data, video channel repository and assets.

  • Toolbox

    Scripts, tools, calculators, guides and best practices.

  • Internet Lead Mystery Shopper

    Monthly mystery shops help you see through your customer’s eyes, focusing on your team’s responses through four modes of communication: email, phone, text and web chat.

  • Executive Review Session

    A web conference with executives at the dealership ensure training is effective and meeting goals at your store.

  • Sales Call Review

    Improve phone skills and identify coaching opportunities with sales call reviews by our experts.

  • Virtual Training

    One-on-one or team coaching web conferences help the team stay on track.

  • Video Insight Sessions

    Coaches highlight concerns and opportunities happening in your CRM right now.

Turn New Hires into Digital Champions.

Internet Sales Workshop engages your BDC or Internet staff and new hires on the fundamental key elements of internet sales, enabling them to grow and succeed. Our customer-focused philosophy is woven into the workshop, enabling your staff to understand the expectations of today’s modern auto shoppers.

  • Strategy

    Customized to align with your strategy, goals and KPIs

  • Experienced Coach

    Dedicated trainer with years of experience in automotive and internet sales

  • Internet Sales Basic Training

    New hire training on core principles of BDC operations and activities.

  • Resources

    Toolkit of resources, scripts, talk tracks and response guides.

  • Virtual

    Web presentation to maximize flexibility and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

  • Exercises

    Live, interactive exercises to help teach and reinforce core concepts.

Maximize the Value of Your Internet Leads.

We keep the conversation engaging to maximize the value of your internet leads with a proven response strategy that requires limited staff involvement. Our Lead Response System email templates are designed to appeal to your customers and incentivize them to buy through advanced design, targeted messaging and strategic timing. And with our mail client, device and anti-SPAM testing, our digital marketing experts have tested each template to ensure that your customer will view them exactly as intended. You’ll see the difference yourself with our exclusive performance reporting.

  • Response Strategy

    Prioritize critical first 72-hour window of interest since initial lead was submitted, which allows your staff to respond more quickly and efficiently.

  • Strategic Verbiage

    Create personal and humanizing copy with subject line and body copy optimized and monitored for effectiveness.

  • Engaging Design

    Branding consistent with your dealership with a linking strategy to drive traffic back to your site.

  • Delivery and Anti-Spam Tested

    Our emails are anti-spam tested against 23 of the most common spam filters and delivers to your customers as you intend.

  • Device Compatible

    Mobile first design, views correctly on the majority of devices and mail clients.

  • Reporting and Mystery Shops

    Comprehensive monthly reporting with heat map engagement performance. Monthly mystery shops help you see through your customers eyes.

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