Create happier, more fulfilled employees

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Engaging platform features

CultureNext® brings the 3C’s of Strategic Tenure™ to life. Recognize every type of Contribution, from everyday gratitude to larger strategic efforts, celebrate employees’ Career Experience, and encourage Connections between coworkers.

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Recognize contributions

Show gratitude for achievements both great and small.

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Celebrate career experience

Honor service anniversaries and recognize other critical milestones as they occur.

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Comment & Like

The social feed makes remarkable work visible and helps to nurture meaningful connections daily.

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Give & receive points

Recognize with points and shop a collection of happiness-generating rewards.

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Build a network

Create a personal network and keep up with connections’ recognitions and activity.

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Ensure program success

Timely and targeted built-in communications to employees ensure program success.

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Stay connected on the go

Our mobile app lets you recognize, reward and connect coworkers from anywhere.

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Enable seamless login

Single sign-on creates a simple and seamless login and recognition experience.

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Assure timely recognitions

Calendar feature enables well-timed recognitions, so you never miss a celebratory moment.

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Recognitions that go with the flow

Send recognition in the flow of work with Microsoft Teams and Outlook integrations. CultureNext makes it easy for employees to recognize and be recognized, creating a seamless employee experience with a culture of recognition.

Rewards that spark joy

The right rewards can have an outsized impact on program success and behavior change, increasing engagement and retention. Founded in behavioral science, our Motivational Reward Framework is designed to offer your employees access to rewards that will bring them happiness.

  • Merchandise
  • Gift Cards & eCards
  • Travel & Experiences
  • Charitable Giving
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Everyday gratitude

Celebrate and recognize daily contributions and great work.

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Strategic contributors

Recognize above-average contributions that are connected to departmental objectives.

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Game changers

Nominate rare achievements that innovate and propel the company forward.

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Social connections

Enable and foster social and personal connections.

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Milestone recognition

Acknowledge and celebrate time-based career milestones.

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Celebrate many aspects of your employees

An investment firm was struggling with a stale recognition program that wasn’t hitting the mark. They wanted to expand beyond their traditional recognition program of service awards and on-the-spot recognition, so we partnered with them to innovate their programs through the lens of the 3 C’s of Strategic Tenure™ to celebrate the many dimensions of their employee base.

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Recognize employees from anywhere

A hospitality organization had mostly an offline employee base, but modern recognition practices and tools were still important to them. CultureNext® enabled them to generate printed award certificates with points that could be handed out in person and then later claimed and redeemed online. Additionally, the CultureNext® mobile app empowered managers to observe core values and immediately send praise or recognition to their team members.

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Ensure every employee feels valued

The HR staff at a manufacturing company was doing a lot to enrich the lives of their employees, such as giving employees gifts for all their important personal and professional achievements. This was all handled by the human resources personnel and gift purchases were made at their discretion. Managing all of this via spreadsheets and online shopping was consuming too much of their time, pulling them away from important recruitment and hiring goals. They were able to use CultureNext® to streamline employee gifting and appreciation by transitioning to a points system, allowing each moment to be recognized while shifting the choice of the reward to the individual recipient.

Bring your program to life with customization

A retail establishment was growing fast and realized their in-house recognition systems were not going to serve the needs of their dispersed and diverse workforce. Their internal culture was unique, and it was important for them to retain elements of that as they created a more formal structure for employee gratitude and appreciation. CultureNext® program designers incorporated elements of this organization’s distinctive character into their recognition programs through creative strategies around when and why to recognize, and the rewards employees could receive. This included philanthropic efforts and rewards to use back in their stores.

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Get insights with dashboards that empower

A healthcare company wanted to upgrade their appreciation tech platform but at the same time increase adoption and usage. Many departmental groups were used to giving out gift cards for recognition and the client wanted to consolidate and track disparate initiatives in one place to increase visibility into the budget and to create fairness among the different departments. CultureNext® was a perfect solution for their needs because admin reporting gave them insight into recognition trends, budget burndown, point redemption and overall program performance.