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Targeted Messages Lead to 138% Growth In Program Traffic

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 financial services company knew the key to attracting customers in a crowded marketplace was an exciting loyalty program that offered participants exclusive rewards for using their products and services. Optimizing program awareness and participation was crucial to attracting and retaining customers, driving redemption and increasing sales. But keeping program members engaged proved to be challenging.

Our client sent their program participants messages – but they weren’t making a statement. Members received standard communications containing program details and rewards options, but these emails weren’t resonating across all customer segments. If they wanted to capture – and keep – their customers’ attention, they knew they needed compelling communications that created connections and inspired behavior.

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The insight

Our experts used data and behavioral science to craft a captivating communications strategy that made sure the right people received the right messages at the right times. Taking a deep dive into customer data, we identified relevant rewards and messaging times to segment communications. These emails, accompanied by powerful visuals, incorporated behavioral science principles proven to spark action.

Considering how our brains process information, we used simple messaging to interest participants and remove barriers to engage. Targeted emails featured engaging educational content, meaningful rewards and exclusive earning opportunities alongside quotes from reliable resources to instill credibility and establish trust. While these emails captured members’ attention and inspired interaction, we encouraged continuous engagement through monthly statement and progress emails using the principle of progress feedback to drive redemption and task completion.

By better understanding the financial company’s customer base, we proved that targeted communications backed by science could not only increase engagement – they could also prompt profitable behavior.

What is the one thing?

The Simplicity principle is centered around creating meaning by anchoring all program elements to a unifying idea, concept, phrase or value.

The Simplicity principle is centered around creating meaning by anchoring all program elements to a unifying idea, concept, phrase or value.

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How far have we come?

The Progress Feedback principle communicates progress on meaningful work, which contributes to satisfaction and helps maintain momentum and motivation.

To motivate and spark action, we sent monthly statement and progress emails to program participants. This communicated to participants how far along they were and how much was left to earn the next exclusive reward.

Inspire belief and build trust

The Credibility principle is the notion that people tend to trust information from authority figures, perceived peers and data.

We instilled credibility and established trust with participants by ensuring that our targeted emails featured engaging educational content, meaningful rewards and quotes from reliable resources.

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The results

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We’re all about making new connections

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